Roxanne holds a Masters degree and has worked for many years in the medical and educational worlds as a speech pathologist and communication specialist.

She has a thriving wedding business she is passionate about. In addition, she is a professional speaker, accomplished actor, print model, and soon to be published author.

She is a certified Life Coach and mentor who also holds credentials in
hypnotherapy and energy healing. She has been an avid student of self-help and spirituality all of her life.

Life Coach Roxanne Hunt

Roxanne offers a one of a kind program, “Get Married to Yourself
First,” – an uplifting program and actual celebration of learning to love yourself first.

Roxanne possesses a warmth, deep intuition and unquenchable desire to uplift and support others in their journey with unlimited joie de vivre for this grand adventure called life!

“Heaven on earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.” – Wayne Dyer